About Us


Founded by Richard A. Larsell in 1972 as a small service company, Larsell Mechanical Service, Inc.  has grown to become a full service HVAC, heating and air conditioning company. R. Dennis Larsell  succeeded his father as president in 1989 and is currently carrying on the tradition of fast,  knowledgeable service to our customers.

We serve industrial, commercial and residential customers specializing in heating, cooling,  ventilation, system design and preventative maintenance. We also provide installation, repair, and  service for specialty equipment: liquid chillers, dehumidifiers, electric enclosure cabinet coolers,  exhaust fans, ventilation systems and radiant heating. Routine maintenance service contracts are  available with emergency service discounts. Our highly qualified and trained technicians, many who  have been with us over 20 years, have the knowledge, experience and expertise to provide our  customers with optimal results for their heating and cooling needs.